One-on-one Tutoring

One-on-one Tutoring

You can ...

  • meet your tutor once a week at a time and place that suits you both
  • work on your learning goals at your own pace
  • learn how you learn best

Literacy & Skills

literacy and skills

Your tutor can help with...

  • reading comprehension
  • spelling and grammar
  • sentence and paragraph writing
  • filling in forms
  • writing notes, messages, and letters
  • reading and writing job-related materials

Computer Lab

computer lab

Learn how to …

  • use a keyboard
  • send emails
  • fill in online forms
  • search the Internet
  • use online learning programs
  • write résumés and cover letters
  • use online job banks



Volunteer tutors form the backbone of our organization. We welcome inquiries from those who are interested.